Essay Questions On The Cold War

The Cold War, which began in 1945, reflected the increased role of technological progress in the establishment of economic relationships between two superpowers.

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For Russians, the Cold War was hot in 1918-1922, when the Allied Intervention policy implemented in Russia during the Russian Civil War. For example, Geoffrey Barraclough, an outstanding English historian, states that the events in the Far East at the end of the century contributed to the origins of the Cold War.

He argues that “during the previous hundred years, Russia and the United States has tended to support each other against England; but now, as England’s power passed its zenith, they came face to face across the Pacific” (Warner 13).

The key figure in the Cold War was the Soviet leader Gorbachev, who was elected in 1985.

He managed to change the direction of the USSR, making the economies of communist ruled states independent.

In fact, the Cold War could split the wartime alliance formed to oppose the plans of Nazi Germany, leaving the USSR and the United States as two superpowers with considerable economic and political differences.

The USSR was based on a single-party Marxist–Leninist system, while the United States was a capitalist state with democratic governance based on free elections.

The Cold War began in Eastern Europe and Germany, according to the researchers of the Institute of Contemporary British History (Warner 15).

Researchers state that “the USSR and the United States of America held the trump cards, nuclear bombs and missiles” (Daniel 489).

The Cold War consisted of several confrontations between the United States and the USSR, supported by their allies.

According to researchers, the Cold War was marked by a number of events, including “the escalating arms race, a competition to conquer space, a dangerously belligerent for of diplomacy known as brinkmanship, and a series of small wars, sometimes called “police actions” by the United States and sometimes excused as defense measures by the Soviets” (Gottfried 9).


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