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One excellent example of this is how lumberjacks of old would eat pancakes before going out into the cold to chop down trees.They would douse their pancakes in maple syrup, stab through a stack of three pancakes, devour them in one go, and work hard for the rest of the day.If you followed Rule 3 closely, you shouldn’t see any gaping holes or questionable arguments, but it’s nice to have a sanity check.

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Here’s an efficient way to clean up your essay before you move on to the next one.

Scan through each sentence, then each paragraph, to see if the order makes sense and that each point ties together.

Put down your pen, pick up the sheet, then read each prompt carefully.

If the prompt is detailed, you might even want to highlight or underline points.

This post is all about how to make essay questions more bearable — and how to get a good grade for an essay answer. The reason is that a test with a series of short essays is trickier than a single long essay: you have to manage your time while making sure you hit all the points that each question requires.

And anyways, you can totally port over the rules in this article to a longer, single-essay test. Before we get to the nuts and bolts of essay-writing, remember that professors want to see that: With these mindsets, let’s get into…As soon as you open your test booklet or get the question sheet, resist the urge to start writing right away.

Because of this, I usually skip this stage on written exams and move on to Stage 2.

After I finish writing an essay and checking the order of the arguments, I like to quietly read the piece, mouthing every word.

Try to leave 10 minutes at the very end to tie up any loose ends and look over your answers.

After you’ve decided how to tackle the test as a whole, pick up your pen and list out 2-3 bullet points for each prompt.


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