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Austin apparently allows the reader to understand each character with a particular kind of behavior he portrays in the novel.

Manners in the story have in many years survived in the way we relate to each other.

The scenario turns out to be incomplete at the end where the relationship goes opposite of his expectations.

“Virtue” is said to be an element in man’s essence.

The story shows how Jane and Elizabeth who are Bennett daughters courting different wealthy men as a way of becoming rich.

According to Jane Austin the theme of irony comes out very well through pride, prejudice, and drama and this gives the total clear picture of the whole story. The irony part is when Bennett holds well the idea of having a happy union.

I connect with people who understand that being black is not a certain look or certain way to talk.

I have first-hand experience that people don’t look black or act black. When people I meet tell me I do not look black enough, I tell them that black may not be prominent in my appearance, but African blood runs through my veins, black consciousness exists in my mind, and black is who I am, not what I think I am.

Jane Austen criticizes the nature of the England society in the 18th century in his piece Pride and prejudice.

Criticism is a major issue in the story and its characters.


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