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Using sunlight to produce electricity is called solar power (Issit).Geothermic energy is energy made by the heat under the earth’s mantle (Issit).Other users have a continuous need for water, such as a power plant that requires water for cooling.

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Renewable resources are also known as alternative energy sources.

Alternative Energy is any source of energy that can be renewed (Issit).

97% of the water on the Earth is salt water and only three percent is fresh water; slightly over two thirds of this is frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps.

Fresh water is a renewable resource, yet the world's supply of groundwater is steadily decreasing, with depletion occurring most prominently in Asia, South America and North America, although it is still unclear how much natural renewal balances this usage, and whether ecosystems are threatened.

Another case regarding concerns similar to renewable resources is the case on car emissions and whether they should be legal or not.

Previously, the Environmental Protection Agency decided that regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from cars was not needed (US Supreme Court).Nevertheless, over the long term the average rate of precipitation within a watershed is the upper bound for average consumption of natural surface water from that watershed.Natural surface water can be augmented by importing surface water from another watershed through a canal or pipeline.There are Supreme Court cases discussing whaling and emissions that are very similar to the topic of eliminating the use of fossil fuels.In a whaling case in late 2008, for example, the final ruling was that navy submarines can continue using sonar waves underwater, despite the harm these waves bring to underwater mammals (Top US Court).Surface water is water in a river, lake or fresh water wetland.Surface water is naturally replenished by precipitation and naturally lost through discharge to the oceans, evaporation, evapotranspiration and groundwater recharge.Environmentalists fought hard to make a law preventing these ships from using these harmful signals but were overruled by the “needs of the Navy to respond to threats” (Top US Court).This case is similar to energy sources because the harmful waves, like fossil fuels which are also damaging, are being permitted, just like fossil fuels are allowed today.All of these factors also affect the proportions of water loss.Human activities can have a large and sometimes devastating impact on these factors.


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