Essay On The Future Of English

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A Language shapes the way people perceive the world and it also helps to define culture of any society.

Any language is a gift the knowledge of more than one language makes a man more efficient and skilful in many ways.

It has become the working of English and also an inevitable requirement for a number of fields, professions such as computing and medicine.

In today’s world of globalization, we have to get knowledge of advanced technologies and all kinds of branches of Science.

We cannot be effective in the internet world without the English Language.

It has also become the official language of the internet.The Internet has opened up new career opportunities for every citizen of the world outside their respective countries.Internet has also plays a vital to promote and to spread the English language throughout the globe and more and more people are exposed to the English language and the English has become also the language of the internet as well.They evoke our feelings and also express our feelings.This function of language directs us to do some action.We can communicate only with signs without language.More over a language distinguishes the differences and also celebrates the uniqueness of cultures in a country or in a region or in a community.It has been an international language of communication, business, science, information technology, entertainment and so on.Earlier everyone is considered to be literate by their degrees and diplomas, but the knowledge of English language makes an individual literate in today’s world.This function accepts or denies assumptions such as the scientific fact or the factual statements.This function helps us to state the logical facts clearly.


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