Essay On Technology In The Classroom

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As I have grown as a person and a student, I have noticed the obvious impacts and changes technology is taking on in education.

These changes and impacts are both positive and negative to the children, young adults, and adults who are pursuing technological opportunities.

Technology has changed and will change many ideas of education the potential of educational systems captivates the lives of many students and teachers.

The effects of technology in the classroom are related to both the teacher and the students. With technology involved in education, the students are more active in their learning. They play the role of a facilitator or guide of information and not so much of an information source.

Technology in the classroom allows the students to be more active with the opportunity of communication of information.

By being active the students are then more likely to generate their own choices on how to obtain, manipulate, or display information (Bridgforth). Teachers reported students had an increase in motivation when using technology. Learning to use it enhances their self-esteem and makes them excited about coming to school," stated a fifth grade teacher (Cradler p. Technologies also give an opportunity for students and teachers to learn from a broader perspective of learning other skills.

These technological advances will be readily available for use by both students and teachers.

I see my classroom making use of the many forms of technology that are available, including: Power Point presentations, electron microscopes, video conferencing, web-sites, and smart boards.

As a result, students become the ones involved with research on an insect and the teacher’s role becomes one of observer and answering questions (GLEF Staff, 2000).

Electron microscopes could also be beneficial when comparing the human anatomy with that of an insect.


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