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Again: Aller guten Dinge sind drei, say the Germans (all good things are three), so I’ll give you one more example before I go.

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This leads to 1000 words total when you add all the rooms together in just that one Memory Palace.

You can get started on a memorization project like this merely by picking a room that you are very familiar with and mentally building and installing a beautiful bookcase.

I know I’ve been using a lot of German examples here.

If you’re into the language, you might want to check out a discussion I had with a friend.

That way, you’ve eliminated a detail you have to remember because you already know how the next word will start.

This works just as well with Sanskrit as it does with German phrases.Success comes from planning, and as they say in the self-help circles, failing to plan is planning to fail.Because planning is so important, I created a memory training program called The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan.For the sake of this example, let’s say the bookcase has 10 shelves.Decide in advance if you will memorize from the top to the bottom, or the bottom to the top.But if I were sitting down for a memorization session and wanted to do a hundred, then I would want to have spent time in preparation for this.There’s nothing worse than being on a roll and then having to pause to build or identify the next station you want to use.But by now, I’ve got so many items, I’ve wandered out of the house and have made it halfway to town along a 30km road.For the purposes of this example, I’m going to place an imaginary bookcase right in front of the peacock farm (yes, there really is a peacock farm and you have to slow down when driving past it because it is part of a school zone).It’s also good to have a key image connected with a “bridging figure.” With “an,” for example, you could have Annikin Skywalker, or Anne of Green Gables or anything concrete and visual that you associate with “an.” For more on visualization, the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass includes a course called “Visualization Mastery.” Now as it happens, I’ve just been working on a portion of my ‘A’ Memory Palace devoted to “an” words in German (or words that change meaning when “an” is added to them).One of my ‘A’ Memory Palace starts in a home my mother used to live in down a forest lane.


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