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This past New Year's Eve, her husband, my father, passed away. You had soft tacos.""Dee-yee- When someone dies, the people who have been left behind have tasks to complete.

This past New Year's Eve, her husband, my father, passed away. You had soft tacos.""Dee-yee- When someone dies, the people who have been left behind have tasks to complete.They started dating when she was 17 years old."Hard tacos or soft? An obituary to write, a eulogy to deliver, death notices to request.

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At one of them, in what looks like Montana, one of the options for a daytime activity was white-water rafting, and for reasons none of us will ever understand, my folks signed up.

Along the riverside, photographers snapped pictures and gave them to you later, like they do on Space Mountain. My mother in the back of the raft, fully dressed, as if for a nice luncheon.

People waited outside on a January night, because everyone loved Dad, but also because the line ended with Mom, and Mom wanted to make sure she had a good long talk with each person. "If you could bottle your wife, Chas, you'd make a fortune," a colleague of my Dad told him after a few Manhattans at a cocktail party.

My brothers and I had to walk the line and entertain people as they waited, like characters at Disneyland. Hundreds of little thank-yous, in monogrammed stationery that she needed to reorder. We're both the youngest children, both surprise packages. I went on to have a career being friendly on live television. All this is fine, until you get the two of us alone and ask us to make a decision. Agnes' Home, a Catholic facility for the elderly, driving residents to doctors' appointments once they were no longer able to drive themselves.

Giving in to my toddlers’ demands to avoid tantrums while shopping. “Motherhood in the Age of Fear” actually points to evidence gathered by researchers that found that participants in their study were “far less judgmental” of fathers who left their kids in the car than mothers.

There have been many times when I have witnessed a mother struggling in some way, or even being shamed, and I did not intervene, preferring instead to “mind my own business.” It usually involved a child acting up or throwing a fit, with an overwhelmed mother doing her best while strangers stared and made disparaging comments.After struggling through a shopping trip, I loaded the groceries into my car.Holding my baby in one arm while pushing the cart, I looked for a place to return it when it began to rain … I quickly decided to do something that I had never done before.My father next to her, regret etched on his face, arm rigid in mortal terror. The rest of the gang on the raft, absolutely eating it up. However, when I look back now, I regret so many of the parenting decisions that I made simply out fear of others judging me: Breastfeeding my babies in bathroom stalls so as not to offend.Avoiding plane rides because my young ones may be disruptive.And then she started thanking anyone who had reached out in any way. When my brothers were grown and out of the house, and Dad was away on business, we would agonize over where to go for dinner. It was an important job, but more so was the time before and after the ride, the time she'd spend in the people's rooms "visiting" with them.We would each throw out suggestions, both of us convinced the other had their heart set on one specific place, neither of us wanting to be selfish. It takes hours, and we always end up somewhere we're both lukewarm about. She would brighten their days with just a little conversation. Sometimes on summer afternoons, I'd go along with her, because I loved to watch and join in. "It's what Are Lard wants us to do."She went straight from her parents' home to the first apartment she and Dad rented as a married couple. I have a lot of pictures of my parents: leaving for their honeymoon to Chicago in 1952, just back from the hospital with me in 1971, dropping me off in New York in 1994.I realized that it’s not enough avoid commenting on the “misdeeds” other mothers — I need to be brave enough to stand up for them (and myself) against the rampant mom-shaming in our culture.I remember when a stranger once shamed me for a decision I made as a new mom. My new baby was being fussy and demanding, and I was totally depleted.


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