Essay On Great Leader Mahatma Gandhi

He believed in nonviolence protesting and was a strong believer in telling the truth ("Gandhi, n.p).Mahatma is considered the father of India ("Mohandas, Introduction).

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The Bible, precisely the Sermon of the Mount and the Bagavad Gita had a great influence on him.

The Indian people called Gandhi Mahatma, meaning Great Soul. Gandhi studied law in London and returned to India in 1891 to practice.

Many people did not agree with his goal of bringing the Hindu religion together with the Muslim religion in an attempt to make a peaceful India.

He is known for helping India to independence from Britain on August 17th, 1947 (Gandhi, n.p).

Gandhi was arrested many times by the British for his activities in South Africa and India.

He believed it was honourable to go to jail for a just cause.His grandfather had risen to be the Dewan or Prime Minister of Porbandar and was succeeded by his son Karamchand who was the father of Mohandas.Putlibai, Mohandas's mother, was a saintly character, gentle and devout, and left a deep impress on her son's mind.More than once Gandhi used fasting to impress upon others the need to be nonviolent.India was granted independence in 1947, and partitioned into India and Pakistan. Gandhi had been an advocate for a united India where Hindus and Muslims lived together in peace.Twelve days later a Hindu fanatic, Nathuram Godse who opposed his programme of tolerance for all creeds and religion assassinated him.There are five great contributions which Mahatma Gandhi gave to the world as follows: (1)A New spirit and technique- Satyagraha; (2) The Emphasis that the moral universe is one and that the morals of individuals, groups, and nations must be the same.Gandhi helped free the Indian people from British rule through nonviolent resistance, and is honoured by Indians as the father of the Indian Nation.He was highly influenced by Thoreau, Tolstoy, Ruskin, and above all the life of Jesus Christ.Mohandas went to an elementary school in Porbandar, where he found it difficult to master the multiplication tables....[tags: Biography, Mahatma Gandhi Essays] - Gandhi was assassinated on January 30th, 1947 by an angered Hindu man.


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