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Society does not suffer because these pressures exist; after all, this type of pressure has largely been responsible for the richness and luxury of our lives.Yet, there is more to life than commercial offerings especially because they are shallow and lack deeper purpose.

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Skills training in most fields, with a few exceptions, will become obsolete at faster rates.

We will, instead, need to fall back on those things that are uniquely human, like art, teamwork, leadership, empathy, understanding, creativity, ingenuity, and all of the deeper aspects of human life and society.

Education provides context to history, art, depth of understanding, and perspective that some people would not otherwise experience.

This is part of the traditional role education fulfills in teaching about culture and the transmission of our society’s values.

We must stop teaching the curriculum and start teaching the individual – each individual, every single individual, and teach them as individuals who have unique interests and abilities.

We need to stop teaching given the assumption that 25 kids are all the same because that makes education simple for us while excruciatingly boring to them.This means that our students will be competing with the best in the world in almost every field.Worse, they are starting at a greater disadvantage: our school days are shorter, our school years are shorter, and our society no longer has the devotion to higher education exhibited by parents in developing countries.We are being thrown out of work at ever-faster rates, and if we hope to continue to work, we will need to constantly upgrade our abilities.Both of these developments – foreign competition and domestic automation – are already evident.Within that time frame, we will face an employment crisis that will shake the foundations of our society, our political system, and our economy. What is the value of memorizing facts if you can command them with a wave of a search engine?The only answer is education, for adults as well as young people. It is understanding and context that are critically important.The society in which we live is driven mainly by commercial interests.The daily bombardment of advertising and its pervasive yet subtle pressures to own something are so common that we hardly notice its influence.Frankly, I do not see any way that the current education system can compete with the enthralling but shallow offerings of commerce and society.Nations like China and India, plus fast-gaining countries like Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, and Malaysia, are providing enormous competition for low-level and low-skilled jobs.


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