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Everyone's favorite book was by Faulkner or Woolf or Roth. This was before the Internet and cable television, and so people had these, like, wholly different desires and attention spans. In 1957, not even a quarter of Americans were reading a book or novel. I couldn't find a more recent number, but I think it's fair to say that reading probably hasn't declined to the horrific levels of the 1950s.

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So, then why is there this widespread perception that we are a fallen literary people? And so we see that not everyone shares our love for Dos Passos. 3) The big spike is partially driven by higher levels of higher education attainment.

Ebooks won’t let you write in different sizes at the same time, use cursive, or draw lines from one sentence to a note. I like to write insults and complaints in my margins.

Ebooks are designed for speed with skimming, scrolling, and linking.

I think, as Marshall Kirkpatrick says, that social media acts as a kind of truth serum. 4) Perhaps the quality of books has fallen, even as the number of readers has grown.

Point four comes with an embedded assumption that the books of the past were, on average, better than the ones today. The bad ones of yesteryear have gone out of print while the bad ones of today are alive and being sold in supermarkets.


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