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This culture appeared in United States after the Second World War as an underground movement and was embodied first of all in literature.

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The second writer we research today, Brian O’Nolan, is also rather well-known English-language author of twentieth century.

Just like Jack Kerouac, this Irish author wrote most of his works between 1940s and 1960s.

“The third policeman” written in 1940 is the author’s most noticeable novel, however it was published only in 1967, after O’Nolan’s death.

In this book, just like in all his works, the author uses his original style, combining surreal style and unusual sense of humour with a bizarre irrational mixture of fantasy, philosophy, comedy, and grotesque.

Thus, it is fair to suppose that books published at the same decade might be quite similar in structure, themes, language, imagery, and style.

To definite extent this thesis is fair, however sometimes it requires an in-depth analysis to find similarities.

Kerouac was the pioneer of beat generation, and his novels served as brilliant examples for other writers of the period.

His novel “On the road” is among Top 100 American books of last century for unique style and language.

This book demonstrates the author’s unique style of mixing fantasy, comedy, and grotesque, telling about a farmer’s murder and building the entire plot around it between dream and reality.

Just like any other beat generation book, “On the road” contains distinguishing themes of this period – jazz, bebop, drug experiment, promiscuity, travel, spirituality, and a seek of a great American dream.


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