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My parents had no problem with that since this was not the first time.As planned, we made the arrangement, alcohol was in plenty, and girls were to arrive starting evening accompanied by their counterparts.

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But for John, his mind was planning the party and this included having a venue, drinks (in this case alcohol), girls and his friends.

Earlier on, he had hinted the idea to me but, being brought up in a family where partying was for the rich and spoilt kids, I opposed the idea will full force, though it had been long since I went partying and have fun.

But, for my friend John, summer was the best time to hold a party at their home and have some friends come over.

Last summer it happened to be his birthday month and he decided to celebrate it in style.

I did not get any gift but little surprised was there.

that's was one of my best memory which I can not forget.For your information, John was grounded for a month with no TV or any electronic device. I celebrate my birthday with my family and that was very happiest moment for me .At about one o’clock, I had a knock at the door and for a moment I became sober. John said no but he could feel the nervousness in my voice.Before getting the door, I dashed towards the balcony where John was chatting with some girls and dragged him away. I told him that there was someone knocking the door and shouting his name.I was very excited to see everyone especially John who was now sipping his drink while dancing to the rhythm of the music.By ten o’clock John’s house was packed and everyone was busy.Of course, I also went home but I learned later that the flight had been counseled due to bad weather.Today, I always remind John of the mighty door slap and I can help but laugh at how the whole situation came down.You see John is the kind of people who cannot withdraw from something until it is done no matter what.Last summer holiday, his dad planned to visit the famous Hawaii and excitement was building.


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