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“Antigone, driven by family duty and love, cannot but fight against Creon’s decision.” (Lathan, 2002).

Her pride in family makes it impossible for her to drop the issue and her stubborn determination to abide by what she.....Dionysius, their god of the theater as well as of intoxicating spirits (Sophocles). What the Play Suggests About the Nature of Leadership The play suggests that leadership is also about listening to the inputs of ones followers, following the promptings of intuition together with tradition and common sense, and taking to heart the lessons of the past (Sophocles). Status of Women in Ancient Greece In the play the women advised Creon, but had little power to change the will of the king and to change their fates. Antigone and King Creon Antigone and Creon are the main protagonists of the play, which is based on their belief and pride.

The Antigone’s household fate causes their destruction. For instance, in scene five Creon must relent even if he does not want. Creon declines to accept anyone’s views except his own.

...thought about are: 1) Causes and effects of moral conflict 2) Causes and effects of being an individualist 3) Causes and effects of being a ruler 4) Causes and effects of being a woman 5) Causes and effects of being a tyrant Lesson 4 Journal Entry # 2 of 14 Journal Exercise 4.2: Synopsis Complete the exercise "3. Your update should include at least the three main characters you've read about so far and the chorus, as well as the basic conflict.

There is a conflict between the society and individuals.

Antigone also battles Ismene, who tries to convince her not to perform a burial ceremony for her brother. Moreover, there is a conflict between the supernatural and the person, as Antigone’s household is cursed by the gods. Both of them are extremely independent individuals.However, King Creon believes that laws are made by men and they are the only people who can change the laws.The major challenge affecting both the protagonists is the personal pride making their stance known and not backing down.She risked her life and went ahead to have her way.On the other hand the essence of humility has been emphasized irrespective of the social or political status. Tittle: Wuthering Heights Unit: In the novel Antigone, Sophocles builds two stubborn and strong willed characters.One important issue is that both share almost the same idea, but different.....Polyneices should not be buried creating controversy between leads to death of Antigone for defying the rule or order of King Creon.Part two Sophocles was born in Colonus near Athens.Colonus was a city with unique culture which is evident in the approach of used in his drama.His father owned a business that manufactured armor.This is evidenced by the Eurydices passive role as wife of the king, and Antigones own inability to save herself from being buried alive (Sophocles). The major conflict is on the burial of Polyneices, the challenge is based on the laws of respect.Antigone believes in the laws of the deity, which forces them to follow the rites and rituals for proper burial.


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