Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family System

Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Joint Family System-60
A nuclear family is also referred to as an elementary, traditional, or conjugal family.The difference between a joint family and nuclear family is not limited in the number of its members.JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM PREFER OLD NORMS In the joint family system old norms and values are so strong that if someone dare to change it than he or she will be consider as different.

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* the only drawback of joint family is that you don't get that much freedom and privacy as you can get in nuclear family.

you cant hide anything as u r in joint family .ever u want to keep secret....everyone can find privacy.

Both the system joint and nuclear has its own advantages and disadvantages but today I will only discuss JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM.

Both the systems advantages and disadvantages are based of personal experience of individual and different from one another.

This system is being control by the dominating member of the family and his or her say really matters and this has also some disadvantage.

DISADVANTAGE: Its not like that I am against joint family system but the things is that all these points which I am explaining to my readers is based on my own personal experience.

Later on these things create problems and became the cause of tension among family members.

CLASH OF OPINIONS In joint family system love and respect is the most important factor for elders and all the family members.

JOINT FAMILY SYSTEM FINANCIAL SUPPORT In my opinion some people prefer joint family system on different basis sometime on the basis of financial support because in joint family system financial burden is shared by all the members of the family.

DISADVANTAGE: When financial burden is shared by all members than it will reduce burden and people will divide their responsibility and feel relax but in my opinion this is not rite because I have seen families living in joint family system sharing burden of each other but not happily they consider others as a burden and want to live their own life but later on it is not possible and when financial burden will be supported by other members than the members who will be dependent on other for supporting financially will stop struggling and they want the same support from other whole life and this thing is not possible and in this financial crisis time.


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