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In the book, Freud proposes that civilization is a way for individual human beings to deal with his violent and destructive nature.Freud argues that civilization emanates from the superego.He argues that man's drive to be civilized comes from the superego that is driven by guilt and remorse.

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This is because, for some, dealing with the restrictions that society places on their primal nature becomes too much.

Essentially, Freud argues that civilization emanates from a desire by man for achieving individualistic goals.

Consequently, Freud argues that religion comes from this primal desire for protection by a father.

Consequently, Freud argues that religion emanates from this primal desire in order to deal with the harsh realities of the external world.

Freud argues that for man to share in the joys of civilization, feelings of aggression are turned towards oneself. Consequently, the superego allows the individual to share in society.

However, these feelings may be turned outwards, which results in war.In this work, Freud expounds on his earlier work on the sense of guilt of the superego.He postulates that this sense of guilt is the source of all human civilization.Civilization and Its Discontent was Freud's last major work.It also happened to be the most influential of his works.The first chapter of Freud's book begins with a criticism of religion.Freud views religion as a way in which human being deal with psychological issues that constantly face them.Thus the superego of an individual, through conditioning in the earlier stages of life cause an individual to self-sanction.To explain the development of the conscience as abase for civilization. Freud argues guilt, and hence the conscience derives from the primal man's murder of the original father figure.In the book, Freud views civilization as emerging form the destructive and constructive nature of man.Two opposing forces that Freud names Eros and Thanatos take center stage in this book.


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