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They made the central government so powerful that the states could not afford to defy the centre or make an attempt to secede from the mainstream of the country.

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Many a time, the Centre fails to read or honour the proper aspirations of the people of a state in performing such surgical operations.

This gives rise to unrest, violence and a feeling of distrust against the Center.

The second proposition it lays down is that if, in any particular case, Parliament thinks that in passing a law, which relates to the Concurrent field, the execution ought to be retained by the Central Government, Parliament shall have the power to do so.” For instance, the Union can give directives to the State pertaining to the construction and maintenance of means of communication, declared to be of national or military importance, protection of railways within the State, the provisions of adequate facilities for instructions in mother tongue at the primary stage of education to children belonging to linguistic minority groups in the State and for the drawing up and execution of the specified schemes for the welfare of the Schedule Tribe in the State.

This is essential to ensure the implementation of Parliamentary laws throughout the country.

The handling of political situations in Goa, Jharkhand and Bihar by the UPA government and the removal of governors appointed during the NDA rule once again raised the issue of Centre-State Relations in the country.

It is really unfortunate that political expediency rather than constitutional guarantees should govern the whims and actions of the party in power at the centre.

Similarly, political expediency should not guide their actions especially in matters pertaining to the appointment or removal of governors, dissolving or suspending of the elected state assemblies and placing the states under President’s rule.

In case the successive Union governments fail to rise above or political considerations, in larger interests of the unity and integrity of the country, they might have to face the charge that their actions have been responsible for the dismemberment of the country.

India is a federal state, a fusion of different states into a single unit.

Each component enjoys autonomy in several matters but is tied to the union in matters of common interest.


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