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Mihai Iovănel (co-editor of the , 2nd edition) has written about Mihail Sebastian, the detective novel, and the ideologies of Romanian post-communist literature.

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Mihaela Ursa teaches and writes as a comparatist in the fields of critical theory, fictionality, and gender studies.

Reading Romanian literature as it does through the lenses of radical theoretical trends in the field of comparative literature, this book doesn’t do any service to Romanian literature.

Bogdan Creţu’s work focuses on the theory of literature, literary hermeneutics, the history of modern literary criticism, autobiographical writing, and contemporary Romanian literature.

Caius Dobrescu teaches literary and cultural theory, lately showing an interest in exploring the connections among literature, terrorism, secularization, and cultural tourism.

According to World Cat, this is the third effort in the history of Romanian literature and the first in the twenty-first century to present Romanian literature to the English-speaking world.

The two previous works were translations of Romanian originals: by George Călinescu, translated from the Romanian by Leon Levitchi, published in 1989.

Când mă întorc acasă, mă simt uşurat, îmi pun cum se spune picioarele pe masă, că e mai mult spaţiu., won the 1970 Big Table Poetry award in the U. Not only are Codrescu’s books written in English, his editorial debut is in English, his academic and editorial activities have all been in English, and he didn’t produce any literature in Romanian until one book of poems published late in his writing life. Andrei Codrescu, an important American poet of Romanian origin, is forced into a schema that pleases one of the new theories on display here.

If language and the declaration of nationality are not enough, then what are the criteria for belonging to a literature? Doris Mironescu tells us in her essay “How does Exile Make Space?

Abounding in parentheses, subordinate clauses, and run-on sentences that run on and on, countless pages discourage the reader. Also, for reasons I cannot understand, writers who do not belong to Romanian literature are forced into the canon.

Another characteristic of the new book is that most of its authors aim to rewrite Romanian literary history from the perspective of globalist, anticolonialist, and other currently fashionable theories, not to present Romanian literature as it is according to the Romanian literary canon. If language does not define a place in a national literature, how about the declaration of nationality?


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