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There are several ways immigrants to the United States are granted legal status. Another is through work visas for employment-based immigration, where preference is given to certain types of workers (highly-skilled or seasonal, for example) and their families.

One channel is the family-based immigration system, in which close relatives of current U. Other legal immigration categories include refugees and those seeking asylum.

It may be that native-born workers and immigrants are more often complements than substitutes; that is, immigrants fill jobs that native-born workers do not want or for which they are not qualified.

Immigration can also energize the economy by bringing entrepreneurs, innovators, and consumers into the economy.

However, since many immigrants earn lower incomes, on average, than the native-born population, they may be more likely to use certain services, thereby placing extra burden on government programs.

The unique social impact of undocumented immigrants is also important to note: nearly half of undocumented immigrants pay taxes toward benefits—namely social security and Medicaid—that they are ineligible to receive.Other economists are skeptical of the claim that immigration doesn’t lower wages, pointing to studies that indicate that an influx of immigrants may significantly reduce wages, particularly among lower-skilled workers.Like most people, both legal and undocumented immigrants use social and other public services (education, healthcare, transit, etc.) and pay taxes.Regardless of what you choose, be clear about the goals of your immigration policy and make a strong case for why your proposal meets them.Your policy may have political, cultural and ethical motives but should be supported by economic reasoning.In order to defend a new immigration policy, it is essential to understand the system as it stands.Much of current immigration policy stems from the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, which sets a limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants per year, with certain exceptions.Immigrants, like Ramon Zavala, who is the father of my good friend, Edith, have sad situations, and many Americans do sympathize for them.He had told me that in America, he worked as a fruit and Broccoli picker with low wages of .35 per hour. Zavala had said that he had to work seventy hours in one week to provide for his family.Additionally, some see immigration as a potential answer to slower population growth and large-scale retirement in an aging workforce.As you answer the prompt to “use economics to describe and defend an effective immigration policy,” keep in mind that your idea of an effective outcome may not be the same as someone else’s, and there are many options available.


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