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Gettier’s paper spawned an explosion of philosophical literature aimed at producing an acceptable account of knowledge, either by modifying the JTB account by adding further conditions to it, or by replacing the third, justification, condition with one or more other conditions.Many new accounts were proposed, only to be subjected to new counter-examples — examples which refute the account in question either by showing how a subject can know something despite failing to meet the conditions the account proposes, or by showing how a subject can fail to know something even though she does meet the conditions proposed.

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The aliens who snatched my twin’s brain from his body are so advanced that they were able to do so in such a way that did not impact at all on his experience.

Now it is morning, and I have a conversation with my wife.

Theories according to which surprisingly few, or perhaps none, of our beliefs are, etc., are also examples of skepticism.

[For more introductory material on skepticism, including a description of some common skeptical arguments, and many of the most influential types of response to skeptical problems, see my “Responding to Skepticism,” available on-line As we’ve already noted, epistemologists are interested in the matters of when (under what conditions) beliefs are justified and when subjects know what they believe.

The internalist about justification will have to hold that the beliefs of such subjects have the same justificatory status (they’re either both justified or both unjustified, and to the same degree), and the internalist about knowledge will have to hold that, so long as the beliefs of such “twins” are true in both cases, they can’t diverge on the matter of whether they constitute knowledge. This twin’s life was identical to mine up to midnight last night.

At that time, our life histories drastically diverge, but not in any way causes a difference in what our experiences seem like from the inside: Our “internal” lives are still identical.

The attention paid here is in part due to the presence of powerful skeptical arguments that threaten to show that skeptical assessments of the scope of our knowledge are actually correct.

A central epistemological obsession has been showing what is wrong with these skeptical arguments — or, occasionally, arguing that there’s nothing wrong with them.

A skeptical thesis is typically a claim that the beliefs in a certain range lack a certain status.

In addition, then, to varying in their ; they can be views on which any of the designations discussed above in section 2 surprisingly fail to apply to a wide range of our beliefs.


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