English Language A2 Coursework Introduction

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Select the most useful data and explain that selection in your methodology.

That doesn't mean that you select the data to fit a preconceived idea of what you will find, but that you consider carefully how much data you need, what type and the context of that data.

feelings.) Men’s magazines use more dynamic verbs than women’s and women’s use more stative verbs to show emotion.

I have chosen Men’s’ Health magazine and Women’s Health magazine because they clearly are directed at a strictly male or female audience; they also have similar content which is varied from health to food to fitness etc.

Ideally, the topic should be something that you feel you can invest a bit of time and energy in.

Is there an area of the course so far that you've found particularly interesting?I am also going to analyse the data by using quantitative analysis of verbs [stative and dynamic, also modal] and adjectives to assess frequency of content within the texts.I will do further qualitative analysis on the text and analyse the representation of gender, I will look for default assumptions and gender scripts, and how i can apply theorists such as Tannen.Once I have my data I will use various forms of visual representation such as graphs to help me illustrate my findings.I will also analysis the language use In depth under headings such as ‘use of dynamic verbs’, ‘use of stative verbs’, ‘use of modal verbs’, ‘use of adjectives’, ‘default assumptions and gender script’ etc.You will probably have the best part of 6-8 weeks to work on this project from beginning to end so it has to be something that floats your boat.If you can't think of an interesting project of your own, check the list here or the ideas here. Your aim is to write up an investigation of around 2000 words (excluding data) so your project has to be manageable.You also need to be able to collect your data in a fairly short space of time.Make sure that you look at them and understand how they have been put together and what you are expected to do.Don't just collect everything and hope to analyse it all.


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