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Maybe that shows how weird I am, but I found them very heartening. He’s not easy to read, and the fact that his essays were inflicted upon several generations of American schoolchildren probably explains the widespread cultural objection to him.

For many, that first taste was ice cream, made fresh at the Riseley dairy.

More than a century later, local developer Dean Gitter purchased the Riseley farmlands and decided to build a tourist destination to help boost the economy and provide a much needed source of jobs for the area.

For more than two centuries, travelers have discovered the unspoiled beauty hidden among New York’s Catskill Mountains.

Early settlers established farms, which gave birth to small towns like Woodstock and Phoenicia.

Fascinating as a person, fascinating as a mind, fascinating as a gigantic influence on American culture, in ways that are both direct and also subterranean.

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At the very least, anyone who wants to delve into his essays has to read his journals as well.

You can listen to Ralph Waldo Emerson's first series of essays using the player below.

Click on the play button to listen online or you can download the files to your computer using the links in the download column for use on your i Pod or other MP3 player.

They’re certainly not ‘personal essays’ in the way we would now recognize them, although there are personal notes around the edges.

But there was something about the transcendent nature of them, about the spiritual euphoria he sometimes communicates, that I latched onto.


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