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It’s is an incisive and often unforgiving account of nineteen year-old Duddy Kravitz—hustler, con artist, betrayer.Richter has been accused of anti-Semitism in this film.

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Duddy's Uncle Benjy never really cared for Duddy, and preferred his brother because he wanted to become a doctor.

In his desperate pursuit to own a large lake and parcel of land in the Laurentian Mountains, Duddy Kravitz descends into duplicity, fraud, and betrayal.

His trajectory leaves him owner of the land for his dream resort, “Kravitzvill,” but also completely isolated.

Despite this, Duddy still thinks he is "manly" because of all of the things he owns.

Every ethnic community has its cultural tattletales, artists and writers who go around revealing the family’s dirty little secrets to the outside world, the “white men” as Duddy Kravitz learns to call them in THE APPRENTICESHIP OF DUDDY KRAVITZ.


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