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Our articles on citing sources, types of plagiarism, paraphrasing, quoting and more provide easy-to-understand explanations.All the articles are available in our free Knowledge Base!When you find plagiarism in your document, it is important to cite the source correctly. The Scribbr Plagiarism Checker helps students detect and correct plagiarism.

For example, if your score is 15%, then 15% of the content you wrote is unoriginal, as it matches text in the database. Not all similarities found by the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker constitute plagiarism.

You will have to review each similarity and decide whether or not you need to revise your work. Our check sometimes flags the following: Sometimes a quote is found in your thesis and marked as a similarity by the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker, because the quote is also found in another source.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that we cannot fix at the moment.

If you encounter this issue, you can simply ignore all irrelevant similarities and subtract their score from your total similarity score.

Compared to other plagiarism checkers, the report contains fewer false positives, which saves students time.

Your plagiarism report contains three main elements: a similarity percentage, a list with matched sources and a preview that highlights matched text in your document.As an added precaution, you can also personally delete your details and documents from Scribbr’s own server as soon as you’ve received the results of your Plagiarism Check.Sometimes the Scribbr Plagiarism Check finds similarities that are not forms of plagiarism, such as references and correctly cited sources.You can exclude these irrelevant similarities from your total similarity score.Exclude similarities: Step 1: Open your Plagiarism Check results.This list helps you easily identify the original source and cite it accordingly.You will even receive a preview of the original passage, so you can easily compare it to your own text.Step 2: Click on the highlighted similarity that you would like to exclude.Step 3: Click on the “Exclude” button on the right.Therefore, the similarity percentage is highly accurate.All sources containing text that is similar to yours are listed and sorted according to significance.


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