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The advantage of this mechanism is: For this reason the mobile phone is often used as a primary or second-factor validation of identity on Australian digital services.

The advantage of this mechanism is: For this reason the mobile phone is often used as a primary or second-factor validation of identity on Australian digital Gov is a service provided by the Government of Australia that provides a strong level of validation of digital identity.

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Our digital capability is embedded across all of our services supporting a whole-of-business approach.

Our data-driven insights along with our global experience and networks enable us to provide results in digital business transformation.

The study shines a spotlight on Australians’ digital consumption and behaviours, as well as their attitudes and experiences in the digital age.

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Most online banking services, especially if accessing an account requires the holder to complete stringent identity requirements sometimes in a bank branch. The four major online banking sites in Australia are: Some States and territories of Australia offer access points to Government services in those states, and require a digital identity to access these services.

Service NSW is an example - an account can be created without any verifiable identity, however as services (such as Roads and Maritime Services) are added, private details need to be accessible, increasing the validity of the identity.Digital ID by Australia Post is a smart phone based app that allows users to create and validate their ID against the Australian Government Document Verification Service (DVS) and then use it as a primary ID system online and in person.Passports and Drivers Licenses are used to assert and confirm ID.Search for the entry on the search page and the result summary for the entry will have a link to the university library document service that offers the document. If you are in Australia at a University there are of course other ways to get these theses. Online Banking in Australia requires digital identification.As in other jurisdictions, access to bank accounts statements and making payments are the primary services available.A photo is taken, and head movement is detected to ensure the holder is real and their face matches.Your passport can be scanned using the phone's NFC reader and used to assert biometrics.“Leaders now have confidence they can disrupt their own organisations. In our innovation design centres, we showcase the art of the possible, so executives can see the future.You need to know where you’re going before you can decide how best to get there.” - Bill Farrell, EY Oceania Advisory Partner EY team of digital consultants provide leading-class business transformations globally and locally.


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