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For over 30 years, with NCTM reforms, we have been talking about “teaching through problem-solving”, rather than teaching *about* problem-solving. I am not sure “teaching through problem-solving” is all that well-defined.

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In fact, one prominent MATHCOUNTS coach tells us that he spends nearly 50% of his preparation time with his students covering counting and probability topics, because of their importance in MATHCOUNTS contests.

Algebra is often taught as a series of formulas and algorithms for students to memorize (for example, the quadratic formula, solving systems of linear equations by substitution, etc.), and geometry is often taught as a series of exercises that are often done by rote (for example, the infamous ‘Two-Column Proof’).

Indeed, at most universities, a undergraduate-level course in discrete mathematics is a required part of pursuing a computer science degree.

Many students’ complaint about traditional high school math—algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and the like—is The somewhat abstract nature of these subjects often turns off students.

We strongly recommend that, before students proceed beyond geometry, they invest some time Introduction to Number Theory textbooks, or by signing up for our introductory Counting and Number Theory classes—with very little algebra background.

Also see our article Don’t Fall into the Calculus Trap, which discusses the pitfalls of rushing into calculus too quickly and/or with inadequate preparation.You faithfully highlighted the key words, and went to work.You approached that problem as something mechanical, and summarized your work neatly in a sentence.However, both of these approaches generally lack a great deal of emphasis on discrete math: topics such as combinatorics, probability, number theory, set theory, logic, algorithms, and graph theory.Because discrete math does not figure prominently in most states’ middle or high school “high-stakes” progress exams, and because it also does not figure prominently on college-admissions exams such as the SAT, it is often overlooked.There are relatively few formulas to memorize; rather, there are a number of fundamental to be mastered and applied in many different ways.Many students, especially bright and motivated students, find algebra, geometry, and even calculus dull and uninspiring.Problem-solving as an event or reward is not what we have in mind for our school mathematics.What do we mean when we say “mathematics problems”?To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Most middle and high school math curricula follow a well-defined path: Pre-algebra → Algebra 1 → Geometry → Algebra 2 → Trig / Precalculus → Calculus Other middle and high schools prefer an “integrated” curriculum, wherein elements of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry are mixed together over a three- or four-year sequence.


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