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Values are the concepts that define the way of thinking, behavior and beliefs of an individual or a group of individuals such as an organization.Personal values are the principles and guidelines which a human being lives by and determine the attitude and opinion of the person with regard to various aspects of life.

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Although I may start an essay with a notion of where I am headed, inevitably I veer away as I get new ideas or encounter dead ends.

Sometimes I even seem to go backward, losing all direction.

Personal values go a long way in shaping our destiny in life and this is the major reason why one should recognize them and making plans and life decisions.

Otherwise, one could find themselves in a situation of dilemma, confusion, indecisiveness and conflict of interests.

This may breed conflict of interest and dilemma as he weighs between keeping the job and quitting to be with his family.

Consequently, this will affect his performance and productivity at work.

In order to do that, I think it’s important to love, thank, and respect yourself.” – Masaru Emoto, in Love Thyself, The Message from Water III“This bright, new day… There is only one to a customer.” – Author Unknown “There are persons so radiant, so genial, so kind, so pleasure-bearing, that you instinctively feel in their presence that they do you good, whose coming into a room is like the bringing of a lamp there.”“Gratitude should not be just a reaction to getting what you want, but an all-the-time gratitude, the kind where you notice the little things and where you constantly look for the good, even in unpleasant situations.

complete with 24 hours of opportunities, choices, and attitudes… This unique gift, this one day, cannot be exchanged, replaced or refunded. Start bringing gratitude to your experiences, instead of waiting for a positive experience in order to feel grateful.” — Marelisa Fábrega“Make wise time investments.

You begin to delineate the organic form that will match your content.

The remarkable thing about personal essays, which openly mimic this exploratory process, is that they can be so quirky in their “shape.” No diagram matches the exact form that evolves, and that is because the best essayists resist predictable approaches.


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