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From the ancient times forests have been cut down for shelter, wood, fuel, food and practically for every other need.In modern times it is done to fulfill man’s personal need or greed and also for industrial development.The estimated amount of deforestation taking place is twenty million hectares per year (Urquhart 2014).

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Ruthless destruction of forests has created a lot of imbalance in the global climate.

People have become aware somewhat but are not yet ready to give up their greed for more and more wealth.

This is a lot of land over a ten year period that people have destroyed when they could have used other methods of farming to gain more profit and conserve land.

This type of farming also leads to rapid population growth in these areas, which are taking more and more forestland.

Today with an increasing population the amount of wood available has declined seriously in recent decades.

People have been harvesting wood to cultivate land, burn, and for the use of raw materials for industry (Urquhart 2014).That way we can help maintain the ecological and environmental balance of the earth.This would also help our future generation to breathe better.The total landmass of this loss of forests is comparable to the size of France (Marcoux).Most of this land was lost due to permanent agriculture and pastures.The Easter Bunny has hung glittering foiled chocolates from its lowest branches.The boys have duct-taped bullseyes to its trunk for archery practice.The rapid growth comes from people trying to seek land to colonize for it’s farming, or by agricultural entrepreneurs trying to make commercial operations (Marcoux).After the change from closed forest to open forest farmers took another 9 million hectares.By forming this pathway the trees in the way become useless because they were bulldozed out of the ground.Population affects the land differently by the ways people use the lands.


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