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It may be a personal narrative, a story that documents events or a story that informs and instructs.By creating a story the student evaluates, reflects on, and analyzes information.1) Interpretation Think of 7 emotions and write a short story script to portray each emotion.

Afterward, edit the video, with special attention to fixing biased opinions.

We have posted several articles on this topic and we invite you to have a look at the following links for further information : 1- A Quick Guide to 21st Century Critical Thinking Skills for Teachers 2- What Does Critical Thinking Mean in Education 3- Great Critical Thinking Poster for your Class 4- 7 Great i Pad Apps to Improve Kids Critical Thinking 5- A Clever Tip to Easily Develop Students Critical Thinking What we have for you today is a great series of videos on critical thinking.

Reveal your findings in the form of a myss video.4) Evaluation Create a factual video on a specific topic. You need to identify whether the information you find is reliable and valid.

Consider what additional information may be needed to complete the task.5) Explanation Decide on a process or a function to explain by means of video.

This Safer Internet Day we are helping to build key digital skills for a digital generation; and critical thinking is at the heart of this. Children and young people need to be able to evaluate online content and contact, and recognise how the content they are exposed to and the people they interact with can affect their own behaviour, emotions and beliefs.

This can help develop their resilience to many varied pressures and risks online, from the influence of advertising and celebrity culture on their self-esteem and body image, to exposure to propaganda, fake news and even extremist content.

One exciting project is our youth photo campaign which has two briefs exploring the role of critical thinking in relation to images online.

‘Seeing is not always believing’ and ‘Look outside the frame’ both challenge young people to create images that show how things may not always be as they seem when it comes to digital imagery.

Apart from getting students to collaborate, the task also requires students to analyze and synthesize information as they create a script for the video.

Another way to develop critical thinking may be to ask students to tell a story using mysimpleshow (myss).


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