Critical Thinking Team Building Activities

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In addition to teamwork, this game requires a good deal of strategy.

The rules might seem simple but it is deceptive in that aspect.

A flexible game that encourages communication and problem-solving, the ‘If you build it’ activity can be reused throughout the year by changing the materials to specific content areas.

Divide the students into teams and give them equal amounts of material like blocks or dried up spaghetti or marshmallows.

The aim of this exercise is to find a way to save the egg in a creative collaboration.

It could involve finding a soft landing spot or creating a device that could guide the egg safely to the ground.

There’s a lot of space for the children’s creativity along with problem-solving abilities to kick in.

Another classic team-building game, Minefield builds communication and trust among the students.

To make it more interesting, you could also ask students to use certain words or clues to make it challenging or content-area specific.

Zoom is a standard schoolroom cooperative game that promotes communication and creative collaboration.


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