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In the credits of the movie he is referred to as Jack, so this is what I will call him throughout this essay.Jack refers to himself as a "thirty-year old boy" employed as a recall coordinator for a major automobile company.

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These support groups give him a sense of belonging, and suddenly Jack can sleep again. Jack soon meets Tyler Durden, his other personality.

Jack is still unaware of the fact that Tyler isn't real, and idolizes him. These films will include "Fight Club", "The Matrix" and "Being John Malkovich." ...

The first one involves meeting Marla Singer, another poser at group meetings who becomes the only major female presence in the film.

The second event is the first half’s most important one – the narrator meets the brash soap maker Tyler Durden.

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Released in 1999, the film chronicles the story of Edward Norton’s insomniac white collar worker as he gets drawn to the ultra-violence, uber-masculinity and outright nihilism promoted and practiced by Tyler Durden, played with iconic swagger by Brad Pitt.

Few recent films have elicited as much strongly opposing opinions as Fight Club has, with various camps proclaiming it as a post-modern masterpiece that documents the brutal emasculation of the human male by a modern consumerist culture and the ways a man can fight back.

When Jack asks his doctor for drugs to help cope with his suffering due to his insomnia, the doctor tells him that if he wants to see real pain, he should attend some of the support groups at a local church. Person analysis: Most of the club's bouncers proved to be rather ill equipped handling huge crowds and often did so in an illegal manner. You don't want someone who is hotheaded or likes to fight. David Fincher's 1999 film "Fight Club" starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt is full of phallic symbols, masculine references and, of course, fighting. Together, they begin Fight Club, an underground brutality therapy clinic. This is the beginning of Fight Club; when Tyler asks Jack to hit him as hard as he can. After the bar conversation, the movie really begins - Fight Club begins. Fight Club as a film does mock male masculinity as it is portrayed in the media. Linked to this is the issue of the pointlessness of war, the instigators of war are not the ones that suffer rather those who are sent to fight for the sake of their leader and several hundred yards of grass.

So Jack starts to attend these support groups religiously using aliases. The main characters, Danny and Tigo, find that at various times they have questioned reasons for joining their club and reasons of why they are still there. But, throughout the story they continually reassure themselves of their alliances with their club while getting more and more uncertain of what the club has done to deserve this loyalty. He was very active in the drama club at his high school, as he was looking forward to becoming an actor. Outside of school, he joined the Los Angeles Science Fiction League, and he also joined his school's poetry club. We would say that the basic summary of the story is that you can build a knowledgeable house, that will do everything for you with, your intelligence, but if you are still fighting against mankind, what can this house do for you when you are gone? Analysis of the Elements Present: Plot: A technological house wakes up in the morning, follows it's program...


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