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Applicants for a screenwriting thesis must have taken one course in poetry, fiction, or translation; and at least two courses in screenwriting.(2) Students may earn a certificate in creative writing by writing a creative senior thesis in one genre (e.g., collections of poems, stories, one feature-length or several short form screenplays, a novel, or literary translations in poetry or fiction) under the direction of program faculty.During the spring term of junior year, candidates for the certificate apply to the Program in Creative Writing for permission to write a creative thesis.The department may have special requirements—for example, a critical preface or an extensive bibliography.

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Our program allows for innovative approaches in the writing of a creative dissertation that reflect the structural richness and diversity of its four concentrations.

Such a dissertation may take the form of a work of poetry, fiction, drama or translation—although these traditional classifications can be exceeded by work that straddles or breaks down genres and introduces new procedures and new media.

Accepted students seek permission from their home departments to use the creative thesis to satisfy departmental thesis requirements.

For students in the Department of English creative writing track and Comparative Literature Program D, approval is routine, and several other departments have welcomed creative theses, but some students undertake the creative thesis as a “second thesis.” Unlike creative writing workshops, which are pass/D/fail, theses receive letter grades.

Each workshop focuses on one genre only (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, or translation).

Workshops meet for up to three hours weekly and are devoted to a craft-based consideration of published writing, and to the discussion of student work.A dissertation could thus include, for example, combinations of prose, poetry and visual art, investigations of hypertext and multi-media, or aspects of performance art.A dissertation of this kind is not just an exercise in craft, but an act of research involving processes and procedures germane to and interfacing with creative and scholarly endeavors.The Program in Creative Writing allows undergraduates to work with practicing writers while pursuing a regular liberal arts course of study.Students develop their writing skills; explore the possibilities of contemporary poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, and translation; and gain a special access to the critical understanding of literature through their involvement in the creative process.English majors accepted for a creative thesis may count a maximum of two creative writing courses at the 300 or 400 level toward their eight English departmentals, and their theses are supervised and graded by Program faculty.(English majors not accepted for a creative thesis may still count one 300 or 400 level creative writing course as their Program I cognate.) Otherwise, their requirements–distribution, senior comprehensives, etc.–are identical to those of regular English majors.The thesis deadline is established by the Program in Creative Writing, typically sometime in the first week of April.The Master’s thesis may take the form of an independent creative project.All creative writing program courses are graded pass/D/fail but are not counted in the pass/D/fail budget.» View Creative Writing Courses » Apply now for Fall 2019 Creative Writing Courses » Apply to Write a Creative Writing Thesis Students may earn a certificate in creative writing by successfully completing the following requirements:(1) Candidates for the certificate normally take two 200-level courses in creative writing by the end of sophomore year and two 300-level courses by the end of junior year, though a portion of this requirement may be waived in unusual circumstances.The courses need not be in a single genre; students are encouraged to experiment with kinds of writing new to them.


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