Creative Writing Key Stage 2

Creative Writing Key Stage 2-19
Pre-booked school groups: £6.00 per pupil Children in Reception or below: FREEDiscounted rate for schools in the Royal borough One teacher or adult helper is admitted free of charge at the following ratios: Under 5s - 1 adult: 3 pupils Years 1 to 3 - 1 adult: 6 pupils Year 4 and above - 1 adult: 10 pupils Please ask for details of rates for additional adults when booking.

Our learning programmes are designed to be accessible to all pupils.

During this session students will have privileged access to spaces in St George’s Chapel, and following a series of writing activities that take place in the splendid State Apartments inside Windsor Castle, they will leave armed with a writer’s notebook full of ideas.

Creative Writing - Victoria & Albert's Windsor KS2, KS3 Queen Victoria is often portrayed as the aged ‘Widow of Windsor’ but there was another side to her life with Prince Albert at the castle.

Creative Writing - The Many Lives of Shakespeare KS2, KS3 This creative writing session looks at aspects of Shakespeare's life and work in relation to the monarchs that either knew him or who were inspired by his words.

Students will have privileged access to some areas of Windsor Castle, where they will have the opportunity to explore different writing styles and will leave with a writer's notebook of ideas, vocabulary, story and drama starters.


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