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As an example: Don’t say you’re a “hard worker.” Everyone says that, and it would be easy to lie about if you weren’t, making it a meaningless sentiment to include.

”This is your time to show your communication skills and your personality.

You must make the case that the other 99 percent of applicants don’t have what you have.

If you nail your cover letter, the hiring manager will end up reading your résumé anyway, so don’t waste precious space duplicating it by going down the list of where you’ve worked.“It’s to complement your résumé, not repeat it,” Mr. “Cover letters where you’re just rewriting the content of your résumé aren’t effective.”Instead, you could list some specific examples of projects you’ve worked on, and explain what you learned from them and how that knowledge would apply to the open position.

Or you could offer some new ideas, showing from the start that you understand the company’s goals and would bring creativity.(Related: Getting past the first cut with a résumé that grabs digital eyes)Read your letter again, and zap any clichés or platitudes that don’t say something meaningful about you, the position or the company.

We love this enthusiasm (something we feel which characterizes Dodge graduates) and agree this is a really valuable perspective for students today working towards careers in the crowded, competitive entertainment industry.

The entertainment industry functions by its own set of rules, and for intern and entry-level candidates looking for a job in Hollywood, the standard college career center resume isn’t going to cut it.You’re probably not the only one applying for that job.That might seem obvious, but too many cover letters are written in a robotic style that leave little impression on hiring managers who are sifting through vast piles of applications, according to career counselors.Chapman students generally send better applicants than most but I thought it would be helpful to share the perspective of someone who hires interns.I know I would have valued that perspective when I was in school.It doesn’t have to be a lot, but a few sentences to show you’ve put time into it could go a long way.If you’re not preparing for something as crucial as a cover letter, why would they trust you would prepare for an important meeting?You could go to a library to sift through professional databases that might have more information, or get coffee with someone who works at the company you’re applying to.Show a familiarity with recent projects, acquisitions and public statements.Are you looking for work in the Entertainment and Media industry?Then you’ll need a well-written cover letter to get your foot in the door.


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