Courage Mockingbird Essay

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First of all, Atticus demonstrates courage when he undertakes the task of defending Tom Robinson, a black man wrongly accused of rape. Dubose in her battle against morphine, he is "licked" before he begins.

Nevertheless, Atticus knows that Tom is innocent and that he must fight for him, since no one else will.

It’s not a physical kind of courage like facing down a mad dog. “Stephanie Crawford even told me once she woke up in the middle of the night and found him looking in the window at her. They thought I spent too much time in God’s outdoors and not enough time inside the house reading the Bible.” (P.59) Miss Maudie has no fear of others’ gossip, she even talks about it just like a jock.

Harper Lee did a great job to show the mental courage by creating Mrs. This rude, prejudiced old lady, who is addicted to morphine, showed a great courage by succeeding in stop her morphine right before she died. I said what did you do, Stephanie, move over in the bed and make room for him? Furthermore, Harper Lee showed her own bravery by writing the novel.

That shut her up a while.”(P.60) When Miss Stephanie tries to spread the tales, Miss Maudie rather uses her sharp tongue to fight Miss Stephanie back than just refuse to listen. In 1940s, there is no single person, group, or institution put civil rights on the national agenda.

Challenging racial prejudice in the United States was a daunting undertaking.[…] Scout, simply by the nature of the work, every lawyer gets at least one case in his lifetime that affects him personally.This one’s mine, I guess.” (P.101) The only reason Atticus takes this case is because he won’t do things that disobey his conscience.Also, Atticus’s deed let Jem learned what the true courage is.At the beginning of the novel, Jem’s idea of bravery is just touching the Redley house, but as the story progresses, he shows his courage by facing the mob and refusing to obey Atticus for the first time in his life.“Courage is when you know you are licked before you begin, but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what.” (P.149) Courage, the spirit and soul of virtue, is one of the most significant themes in To kill a Mockingbird.Harper Lee uses many of the characters and circumstances in the book, as well as her own deed of writing this novel to demonstrate all facets of courage.Lee moved to New York City in 1950, and spent two and a half years writing To Kill a Mockingbird.In her creation process, Lee had become so frustrated for a while.Atticus fits into this definition of what "real courage" is and demonstrates it several times throughout the novel."The only thing we've got is a black man's word against the Ewells'. The jury couldn't possibly be expected to take Tom Robinson's word against the Ewells,'" Atticus solemnly explains this to his brother.


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