Country Vs City Life Essay

Everyone is so sincere with him that it is difficult to distinguish the relatives and neighbors.

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Peaceful is the most succinct description of the country. Soft insect noises and the plaintive call of an owl rule the stillness.

No heavy traffic, no sirens, no rush of the "madding crowd." Life is simple and calming. Everyone knows your name, and has been to your grandparents’ house.

A middle class family of four or five members has to accommodate in a box like room in slums. A village is an embodiment of simplicity, innocence and honesty. Neither do we have any interest to have any relation with them.

Many underprivileged persons became permanent slum dwellers with no place to call their own. We do not have to face any such problems in villages. Thus the saying goes rightly that God first made the country and then the city. From dawn to dusk, people are chasing after their targets. Life in cities is utterly materialist completely devoid of emotion and feelings.

Life in cities is quite different from the life in villages.

The villagers enjoy fresh air, scenic beauty, a life free from hassle and tension but much more remains to be fulfilled.

This is because people do not feel the sense of freedom when living in a city. Conclusion There are better entertainments, opportunities to be educated and have technologies that can make our life easier.

In the country side the only entertainment they have is play some instruments or have a game of chess with an old mate.

Contrary to his city cousin the countryman is usually depicted as calm, relaxed and friendly. City life provides all the advantages of modern society including the distractions available in the arts, theater, and other forms of entertainment. Worst of all, the most expensive component of life in the city is the toll it takes on your body through stress.

Stress is present with every waking moment in the city. The city dweller looks forward to a day out of the city.


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