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There is a specific chapter that is dedicated to explaining the meaning of your findings.This is none other than discussion section of dissertation examples.Even though this section is found at the end of a paper, you must consider it from moment you begin your study.

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After crafting your hypothesis carefully and collecting data for your study, you can ask the qustion 'how to write a dissertation discussion'.

You must conduct statistical analysis and write results section of dissertation, summarizing it into graphs and tables.

The introduction is not merely a description of the contents of your dissertation.

In the introduction you will have to briefly outline the research question or hypothesis you are setting out to answer and give a few of the reasons why this is a worthwhile contribution to the body of research which exists on the same broad topic.

You will come back to this again in your conclusion.

Exclusions You are almost done with your Introduction now, but can add Exclusions here.This section of the introduction may, in most cases, not be required.First of all, if you do not need the above-mentioned section, you should state your aims and objectives of your research clearly.Il est important de prendre son temps pour rédiger un brouillon avant de se lancer, pour ne pas se perdre dans la rédaction et pour éviter les oublis et les ratures.Pour réaliser un brouillon efficace, vous devrez d'abord analyser tous les mots du sujet, puis écrire toutes les idées et thèmes qui vous viennent à l'esprit par rapport à ce sujet précis.You will probably have to write quite a few drafts before you get it right, so you shouldn’t get down-hearted-everyone has problems with an abstract.Background to the Research Your introduction should begin with the background to your research, and this is especially necessary if your work covers more than one field, as you have to satisfy the marker that you have understood the concepts of both, and you need to explain some of the concepts for the marker or examiner whose specialty is only in one of the fields you have covered.Explain your Title Next you may feel the need to explain the title, most of these have two parts, divided by a colon.You may need to explain the phrase after the colon.These have to be mentioned somewhere and the Introduction is as good a place as any.You could write something like: – “The scope of this research does not lend itself to a consideration of… Or “The focus of this research, unlike that of previous work in this area is on…


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