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One needs to build a theory by using an inductive model of thinking with logic as in grounded theory as Strauss and Corbin (1990) suggested that the development of a theory is the culminating aspect of the study grounded in data gathered.

Consider these important factors to present a good overview: What questions should you answer?

You can use your theoretical framework to answer descriptive questions or further analyze hypotheses and findings related to your topic.

Use a literature review to evaluate how others defined your key concepts and compare their definitions to choose the best one for your case. Describe the models related to your findings and argue why you decide to apply them to your piece of writing.

Based on your education discipline, feel free to include in your theoretical framework a comprehensive review of the current state of your research subject.

Use it to find epistemological, methodological, and analytical grounds for your further discussion and demonstrate your clear understanding of a given subject.

Your theoretical framework can help you make clever decisions.A theoretical framework gives a general background to support your investigation and provide readers with a detailed justification for your studies of the chosen topic. Your excellent theoretical framework should include related variables that you will measure and specific relationships that you want to understand.Describe your chosen theory to build a strong case for investigating it.Some of the most popular theories across all disciplines include the following: Align all information in your paper, including variables, constructs, questions, and concepts with a theoretical framework and consider it when determining your effective research design or methods.After making your problem statement and defining research questions, it’s necessary to search for the ideas and theories that have any relationship to your chosen topic.By presenting such data, you frame your work and show your knowledge of key theories, models, and concepts in terms of your subject.Chosen models and definitions provide you with a further direction.This type relies on different beliefs, assumptions, and concepts that students use to guide their efficient research, writing, and work.It uses connected concepts instead of established theories.Use it to evaluate and formulate your own hypothesis, which you will test during your research and study a bit later.There are no strict rules that you must follow, the main thing is to create its logical structure by drawing on key terms and hypotheses.


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