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Skepticism keeps you on the lookout for bad arguments, and rationality helps you figure out exactly arguments when you see them, and then to move beyond them and understand their further implications.

It’s not enough to just be skeptical and knock the holes in every argument that you hear.

For example, at one stage in the classic RPG , your character has the option to serve as a juror on another character’s trial.

In order to save the innocent man, you have to talk to people throughout the town and, using a combination of empathy and skepticism, figure out what really happened.

So critical thinking absolutely depends on traditions.

There’s no question that critical thinking means something Until Einstein, no physicist was ever more influential than Isaac Newton.This is closely connected to curiosity — if you’re arrogant and think you know everything already, then you have no reason to be curious.But a humble person always recognizes the limitations and gaps in their knowledge.Too often, people talk about critical thinkers as though they’re solitary explorers, forging their own path through the jungle of ideas without help from others. Real critical thinking means you constantly engage with other people, listen to what they have to say, and try to imagine how they see the world.By seeing things from someone else’s perspective, you can generate far more new ideas than you could by relying on your own knowledge alone. It’s a combination of several skills and habits such as: Curious people are never content with their current understanding of the world, but are driven to raise questions and pursue the answers.Curiosity is endless — the better you understand a given topic, the more you realize how much more there is to learn!Through curiosity and probable skepticism, he not only worked out the basic rules for matter and energy in the universe — he also realized that the force causing objects to fall was the same as the force causing celestial objects to orbit around each other (thus discovering the modern theory of gravity).He was also known for having a big ego and being a little arrogant with those he considered beneath his intellect — but even Newton had enough humility to recognize that he wasn’t doing it alone.In one episode of , Cartman becomes obsessed with conspiracy theories and sings a song about needing to think for himself and find out the truth.The show is poking fun at conspiracy theorists, who often think that they are exercising critical thinking when in fact they are simply exercising too much skepticism towards common sense and popular beliefs, and not enough skepticism towards new, unnecessarily complicated explanations.


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