College Essay On Being An Only Child

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They are both individuals and a unit together – sisters.Together they form a distinct class in our house – the class of “children.” They have their own hierarchy, mostly policed by Elizabeth, who is the “big sister.”I’m sure that all of this mindbogglingly simple observation would be utterly uninteresting to anyone except another only child.So before I became a mom, I considered myself an expert traveler.

And then I had a baby and I assumed it was time to slow down.

The first three months were spent in New York getting to know each other, snuggling on the couch and visiting local attractions. My husband, who is way more of a homebody than I am, insisted that it was too early for us to get on a plane with our son.

I would speak in a low voice “You love your sister! We have the noisy, chaotic, and happy household of my lonely childhood dreams.

Elizabeth, who would usually rather write in her journal or read Pokémon books, is under an obligation to play with Matilda for half an hour before bed and as much as Elizabeth rolls her eyes and huffs, they always seem to enjoy it once they start and rarely wants to finish.

Our first adventure as a family was such a success it encouraged us to keep doing it.

College Essay On Being An Only Child

Soon after, we embarked on a 12-hour overnight flight to Argentina (where I'm from) to meet the rest of my family and take a break from the winter weather. I was confident with short trips, but what about an overnight flight? Would I have a crying baby (and therefore a crying mom) all night long?

I had all the loyalty cards you can imagine and accrued more miles that I could spend.

It was a mix of pleasure and work, but it got to the point were flight attendants recognized me on planes.

She has been variously published for 18 years in print and on the internet. I've always loved to travel—it's something my parents have encouraged and inculcated in our family.

Before I could even walk, I had been to more countries that my tiny hands could count.


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