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A few tips on writing your essay: Show your thinking.

Laura, Jane, and Karen facilitate this process by meeting with students, getting to know them, and helping them to reflect upon their backgrounds and accomplishments and clearly articulate their interests and goals.

Through an organic process of guiding students through brainstorming exercises, the coaches collaborate with students to help them identify meaningful, personal topics for the main Common Application essay and school-specific supplemental essays.

Every year, the number of qualified students applying to top schools increases, resulting in drops in acceptance rates.

Harvard College accepted 1,962 out of 42,749 applicants in 2018, a mere 4.59 percent—the lowest acceptance rate in Harvard’s history.

Demonstrate that you are a leader and a thoughtful citizen, and you will not only improve your extracurricular portfolio, but also demonstrate your commitment to making a difference in college and beyond.

Beyond that, the essay is your opportunity to stand out; take advantage of it.

We have worked with students from across the Chicago area and across the country, and 100% of our clients have achieved acceptance to at least one of their target schools.

Start the process by scheduling a free initial 20-minute parent consultation ​so that we can discuss your child's unique needs and goals.

The process of sending essays back and forth to perfect them varies in duration depending on the pace at which a student submits revisions as well as the number of supplemental essays a student has chosen to write in addition to the main Common Application essay.

Typically, the entire process lasts one to three months.


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