College Application Essay Depression

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This is true not only for mental health and disabilities but also for academics, extracurriculars, and other experiences.

You always want to put your best foot forward and keep the focus on your strengths and most positive attributes.

Based on this reason alone, you are never required to disclose mental or physical health concerns on your application.

Doing so is strictly a matter of personal choice and you should not feel that you are lying by omission if you choose to leave this information out.

That being said, mental health issues and disabilities are not inherently negative, and there is nothing to be ashamed of when discussing them.

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You should not feel like you need to hide these parts of your identity, but rather that you need to spin them in a positive way much the same as you would any other aspect of your application.If you are sharing information about your mental health or disability in this section, you should do so only in a factual manner.You should not offer overly detailed or emotional descriptions, but instead keep it short and to the point.Ask yourself if your application will be confusing or incomplete if you don’t address these issues.For example, if you had to take a semester off to recover, you will obviously need to explain the gap in your transcript.If you realize that your disability or mental health is not a truly defining feature of you as a person, you will probably not include it in your essay.But if there are red flags or question marks on your application that cannot be fully understood without this information, In instances where this issue has impacted your grades, involvement in class, attendance, or ability to participate in school activities, you should provide a brief explanatory background, usually no longer than a paragraph or two.You should not be writing your life story simply to inform others of your experiences. Whatever you choose as an essay topic should shed light on the attributes that make you a beneficial and unique member of any community.Instead, the function of a college essay is to be part of an overall marketing package. If your struggles with mental health or disabilities are defining features of this nature, then your essay is a great place to frame them positively.Your mental health history or disability may be an integral part of who you are, but that does not necessarily make it relevant to a college application.For starters, it is important to know that it is actually illegal for a college to specifically ask for these types of details about your life, since doing so can be considered discrimination.


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