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Since then I have been assisting his widow, Joy, to sort his papers and manuscripts in preparation for their transfer to the archive.Much of this has been achieved and the University now not only holds copies of all his printed work but also a significant amount of his manuscripts, letters, journals and assorted papers.

Based on a section of his newly published book (mentioned above), his paper, intriguingly entitled ‘Colin Wilson and ‘Dread of Being’’, included an analysis of the author’s important ideas on depression, boredom, and how we can overcome them.

David Moore who runs the blog ‘Ritual in the Dark: essays and reflections on the work of Colin Wilson’ presented the next paper which he entitled ‘The Light Barrier: Existentialism and the occult in Colin Wilson’s science fiction’.

Even amongst the Angry Young Men, Wilson was an outsider – he even said that he wasn’t angry at all.

His literary reputation – a seemingly inevitable destiny once touched upon by British journalists – became increasingly marginalised shortly before his second book in 1957, , and why has it, out of all his 150 or so books, stood the test of time – indeed receiving so many translations and republications over the years?

The following day there was a meal for the speakers and special guests at a local restaurant.

Colin Wilson Essays

which often informs the absurd and mind-bending nature of the UFO mystery.

This heady mixture of science fiction and the occult could provide, I felt, a way out of the frameworks of the ordinary limitations of what’s possible by our standard models, and allow us to approach ‘the Other’, or truly alien, in a satisfyingly expansive and imaginative manner.

Now, Colin Wilson’s early philosophy, and subsequent works in science fiction, the occult, and paranormal phenomenon seemed to me foundational for this investigation.

The delegates were treated to many audio extracts from these journals during the paper., presented the next paper on a writer about whom Colin Wilson had much to say over the years: H. After a short coffee break, Lindsay Siviter, who, as a trained historian, has worked in various museums around the UK including Scotland Yard’s famous Black Museum, and is an expert on Jack the Ripper, took the delegates on an entertaining chronological guide to Colin Wilson the ‘Ripperologist’ (a term he, apparently, coined).

The final paper in the morning session was given by Nigel Bray.


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