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Historical facts project various dimensions in human culture.Historians use cultural dimensions such as language, social structure, religion, beliefs, and relation to the environment among other dimensions to acknowledge diversity in humanity. 12 Chinese room Culture and American room Culture Teaching can be considered as one of the most instrumental forces in shaping the lives of students through effective pedagogy. for three years since August 12, 2010, and have witnessed huge differences among American and Chinese classroom culture.

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Both China and America are different in terms of.....the of the Concerned 5 June Chinese Culture The main beneficiaries and precursors of the economic growth in China have been the entrepreneurs affiliated to varied strata of the society, who had engaged and invested in retail, manufacturing and services sector (Goodman 23).

Going by the rise of the so called middle class in China, attempts are often made to draw a parallel between the socio-economic changes that have occurred in China since the onset of economic reforms and the socio-economic outcomes of the industrial revolution in the West (Goodman 23).

Transition: This afternoon, I am going to inform you about the proper and professional ways to give gifts workplace in China and in America. It means that it will soon be time for you to die.b. Manners Present your gift with two arms and the receiver will do the same. Transition: The points I mentioned earlier cover the proper and professional ways to give and receive gifts in the Chinese and American workplace culture. Remember that Chinese’s best colors are red and pink and never forget to give a gift to a Chinese with two arms. Ten/Giftgiving Gift Giving Etiquette in American Business. Reterieved on October 13, 2012 from Business Etiquette.(1999). Retrieved from (Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1) Gifts In The Chinese And American Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.

Book: Do not give a book to a Chinese person because giving a book means that you are delivering a defeat.c. Transition: Now that we have discussed about the gift giving in the Chinese culture, let compare it to the American culture which is less complex. Appropriateness and timing are very important while giving a gift in the American workplace environment.1. Also you should never forget to choose the object that you are going to give as a gift to Chinese or to an American and make sure you are going to give it at the appropriate time. Retrieved October 13, 2012 from HTTP:// Ten Guidelines to gifts Giving in China. Cultural Analysis of Chinese Culture People have different beliefs regarding various issues that affect their lives because of culture.

A vast majority of the Chinese schools offer education solely in the Chinese language.

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Very few Chinese know English that otherwise happens to be an International language. SOUTH CHINA The North and South China are defined regions by the perception of Chinese natives.

Umbrella: Do not give an umbrella as a gift to a Chinese person because giving it means that the family of the gift receiver is going to break upd. US China business solution Website states that a Chinese bride give fans to her parents, which symbolizes that she is leaving them for her husband. Timing Gifts should never be giving in the following situation:a. Works Cited Chinese Gift Exchange – 17 Common Dos and Don’ts That You Should Know. The definition of culture encompasses various practices, which human beings perform including language.

Anthropological studies provide information, which explain cultural diversity that people experience across the world.

Chinese cuisine is one of the all-time favorite cuisines of the people all over the world. Geographically, Huai River and Qinling Mountains separate the two regions from each other but is still an ambiguous matter.

The mere aroma of the Chinese food wafting through the streets draws people into the restaurants. The conceptual differences date back to 1142 in terms of climate, politics, geography, culture, and physical traits.


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