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The Importance of Censorship Censorship affects our society in many different ways, it affects the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the books we read, and many other aspects of our everyday lives.Even though many might argue that censorship doesn't really have a place in a society that emphases freedom of speech and the freedom to express oneself, but censorship is an essential and needed part of our growing society, it's needed in the television industry, the Internet, and the music industry.So anybody could go on the Internet and look up information on anything ranging from cooking recipes to instructions on how to make pipe bombs.

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Are there cases where it is beneficial for the government to censor television and other media? If there was a television program that was hideously racist, called for harm against a specific group of individual or something similarly vile it would be a clear harm to society.

The government should intervene in these cases to protect the rights of those at risk of harm or whom are actively being harmed.

Seeing racism on television won't make children racist, because most children know that racism is not okay.

Besides, most children are smart enough to know that if they see it done on television, that doesn't mean they should do it.

Without the presence of censorship television would In order to minimizes the negative effects the censorship laws and regulations most be stricter then the currently are. So artist these days are able to sing about what ever they want.

Censorship on the Internet is a very important issue but it currently does not really exist because it cost to much money, time and effort to censor the billions of pages on the net. on the Yahoo search engine, millions of X-rated pages will appear. The censors need to play a bigger role in making the Internet a safer place to surf. We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future.Like Oath, our partners may also show you ads that they think match your interests.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.Oath will also provide relevant ads to you on our partners' products.There are broad discussions on whether all TV channels need to have censorship.Of course, there are different points of view on the issue.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.


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