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CBT therapists may also use other techniques including role-playing (practicing new behaviors in session), prescription risk-taking activities (practicing new behaviors outside the therapy session), assertiveness training, and so on to help patients to improve.CBT patients are prescribed homework throughout the course of their therapy.Without homework, the insights, plans, and good intentions that emerge during a therapy session are at risk of being buried by patterns of negative thinking and behavior that have been strengthened through years of inadvertent rehearsal.

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Kazantzis, N., Whittington, C., Zelencich, L., Kyrios, M., Norton, P.

A therapist using Albert Ellis' techniques will help a depressed person to understand the chain of events that leads them to become depressed in terms of multiple steps occurring in sequence.

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During therapy sessions, cognitive therapists will teach patients how to Dispute (e.g., the "D" step) the irrational beliefs, so that they may develop positive psychological Effects (the "E" step) of rational beliefs.

Though the above ABCDE scheme is due to Ellis, a therapist working according to Aaron Beck's version of CBT would teach essentially the same procedure.

Cognitive behavioral therapists teach their patients to identify debate and then correct their irrational ideas.

The disputing process involves teaching patients to systematically ask and answer a set of questions designed to draw out whether particular ideas have any basis.

*** Interested in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), self-help tips, and improving personal health? Meta‐analysis of homework effects in cognitive and behavioral therapy: A replication and extension. Quantity and quality of homework compliance: a meta-analysis of relations with outcome in cognitive behavior therapy.

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