Cambodia Introduction Essay

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Mondulkiri is an eastern province of Cambodia, which is the most sparsely populated province in the whole country although being the largest province in Cambodia.

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The worst are instances of dispossession of indigenous lands, which are occurring in some parts of the province and also in the adjacent province of Ratanakiri.

Anyhow Mondulkiri is so sparsely populated that the provincial capital does not have an adequate market compete to other provinces of Cambodia.

A quiet but beautiful town nestled into the hills; it has a lot of potential to develop into a centre for non-intrusive eco-tourism.

At present, it's very undeveloped, which gives you a feeling of going somewhere off the beaten tourist trail.

This patently indicates the indispensable interconnection between youth dynamics and robust education system in which knowledge plays both present and future roles as the most critical assets.

Cambodia Introduction Essay

Given this vital role of education, discuss whether the Cambodia’s education development has been preparing youth’s potential to be ready for development agenda by 2030.You may also find gigantic and beautiful waterfalls, where you can take an empowering shower, such as the impressive Bou Sraa.Sen Monorom is the provincial capital and doesn't show up as a typical Cambodian town, while it is the only town the province has to speak of. 7500 inhabitants, 20 guesthouses, 12 restaurants, 3 bars and no post office it is often compared to American Wild West frontier towns.80 percent of the population in Mondulkiri is made up of ten tribal minorities, with the majority of them being the Chunchiet from the tribe of the Phnong.The remaining 20 percent are Khmer, Chinese and Muslim Cham.It is bordering Vietnam to the East and South, Ratanakiri to the North, and Kratie province to the West.Beside a bunch of smaller rivers, which grow quite big during the rainy season, there are two bigger rivers crossing the province ( the Preaek Chhbaar and the Preaek Te River ).But fertile red soil, water sources, wild animals and quality hardwoods abound and the weather and scenery are perennial assets.Topic: On the verge of graduating from lower-middle-income status, Cambodia has a far-sighted focus to transform itself to be an upper-middle income country by 2030 and reach the high-income status by 2050.Concerning the quietness and beauty of Sen Monorom people from other parts of the country move here and therefore the land price doubled from 2006 to 2007.The town of Sen Monorom is the best base camp for travellers who want to explore the surrounding areas.


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