Business Disaster Planning

Preparing for the worst can help minimize the risk.Sample disaster plans are widely available on the Internet, including the SBA’s Web site, and can be customized for your business needs.Example of disaster scenarios: As you work on your strategy, always remember that good business continuity plans are flexible, clearly written, tested regularly, and understood by all staff, and integrated into your every day to day business.

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A business continuity plan should include: Create a list of critical functions in order of importance, and determine which should be reinstated first.

What staff, materials, procedures, contacts, and equipment are necessary for each of your critical functions?

Here’s a short list of how to prepare to best protect your business, should disaster strike: Review insurance policies.

It’s smart for any business owner to take out property insurance policies, which cover the cost of replacing damaged or destroyed equipment or buildings.

Many businesses are not prepared to respond to man-made or natural disasters.

Statistics show that of the businesses that close because of a disaster, at least 1 in 4 never reopens.OFB-EZ® Mobile App guides users through an easy process to create a recovery plan that will help even the smallest business recover and re-open quickly after a disaster.The app includes several helpful planning tools, such as evaluation checklists to help business users understand their risks, and forms for users to enter and store important contact information for employees, key customers, suppliers and vendors.With its non-technical language and streamlined layout, any business owner can create an easy-to-use recovery plan tailored to the individual business, providing confidence if the worst occurs.Business owners create their own business continuity plan using the program’s eight modules.Did you know there is a 1 in 4 chance of a major earthquake in Vancouver within the next 50 years?Be prepared, by creating emergency safety kits filled with supplies you will need if you are forced to evacuate your home.ASA offers members two different disaster preparedness planning kits, depending on your business needs.The OFB-EZ (Open For Business-EZ) is a short quick tool that will help keep your business running after a disaster.This easy-to-use planning kit will help your company create a disaster plan to fulfill the main objectives needed to keep your business going strong.No matter how good you are as a businessperson and manager, there will always be circumstances beyond your control that can affect your business.


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