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Through his personal research and readings, Lee also incorporated ideas from Boxing and Fencing.Later during the development of Jeet Kune Do, he would expand to include the art for personal development, not just to become a better fighter.These situations are broken down into ranges (Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling), with techniques flowing smoothly between them. Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts.

Through his personal research and readings, Lee also incorporated ideas from Boxing and Fencing.

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He believed that combat was spontaneous, and that a martial artist cannot predict it, only react to it, and that a good martial artist should "Be like water" and move fluidly without hesitation.

In 2004, the Bruce Lee Foundation decided to use the name Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (振藩截拳道) to refer to the martial arts system that Lee founded.

The metaphor]] Lee borrowed from Chan Buddhism was of constantly filling a cup with water, and then emptying it, used for describing Lee's philosophy of "casting off what is useless".

He also used the sculptor's mentality of beginning with a lump of clay and hacking away at the "unessentials"; the end result was what he considered to be the bare combat essentials, or JKD.

The arrows represent the endless interaction between yang and yin.

Jeet Kune Do (Chinese: 截拳道, Cantonese: Jitkyùndou, Jyutping: Zit6 Kyun4 Dou6, Pinyin: Jiéquándào lit.However the name Jeet Kune Do was often said by Bruce Lee to be just a name.He himself often referred to it as "The art of expressing the human body" in his writings and in interviews."Way of the Intercepting Fist," also "Jeet Kun Do," "JKD," or "Jeet Kuen Do") is a hybrid martial arts system and life philosophy founded by world renowned martial artist Bruce Lee in 1967 with direct, non classical and straightforward movements.The system works on the use of different 'tools' for different situations.It is the result of the life-long martial arts development process Lee went through.Bruce Lee stated that his concept is not an "adding to" of more and more things on top of each other to form a system, but rather, a winnowing out.Through his studies Bruce came to see that styles had become too rigid, and unrealistic.He called martial art competitions of the day "Dry land swimming".The Jeet Kune Do Emblem The Taijitu represents the concepts of yin and yang.The Chinese characters indicate:"Using no way as way" &"Having no limitation as limitation".


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