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The revolution also exposed a weak and inept Tsar who was out of the touch with the masses, and lacked any vision for bringing change to Russia.The immediate causes of the 1905 revolution were failed state-level leadership and policy, inflation poverty, hunger, Russo-Japanese War, the rise of reformer and revolutionary groups, and Bloody Sunday.

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Tensions present since 1905 had rendered the Russian political landscape fragile and violent.

By the end of 1916, Russia was reeling from its involvement in World War I.

As the result of the weak leadership of Tsar Nicholas II, Russia lost the war and suffered humiliation.

Russian people everywhere felt this devastating humiliation and loss of life.

Although this revolution brought no real change to the social, economic, and political landscape of Russia, the Revolution of 1905 set the stage for the revolutions of 1917.

The commoners were still frustrated, and now the average commoner saw the results of what could happen when they take to the streets .

The Russian military suffered tactical defeats in Tannenburg and Masurian, and the Central Powers pressed into Russia, causing two million soldiers to be killed or wounded.[11] The military defeats at the hands of Central Powers caused a flurry of panic and resentment towards the Tsarina who was German.[12] The situation also highlighted the rumors of the Tsarina’s sexual improprieties with Rasputin.

As Russia tried to repel the Central Powers, the Tsar left the capital to oversee the war effort.

On Sunday, 9 January 1905, a peaceful protest was organized by Father Gapon to bring social welfare and economic concerns to the attention of the tsar[7].

As Palmer posits, the crowds chanted, “God save the tsar.”[8] The Tsar was absent, and the panicking troops shot and killed several hundred protesters.


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